Downloadable ESL Lesson: A Teaching House Christmas

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Hello fellow TEFLers,

For those of you struggling to keep your students engaged during this holiday season, Christmas has come early!

Teacher trainer Lizzy Adams shared a downloadable ESL Lesson for a fun, Christmas classroom activity
This may or may not be Lizzy Adams disguised as la Befana

This month’s lesson, good for Pre-int to Upper-int, looks at some of the world’s quirkier Christmas traditions. Your students will practice reading, build essential vocabulary and practice their speaking and presentation skills. This month’s lesson comes courtesy of our Director of Teaching Training, Lizzy Adams.

Did you know about the Witch of Christmas? Or the subversive character that will grace the occasional nativity scene this year? It’s all here for your and your students’ edification.

This fun ESL Lesson can be a great way to spend Christmas with your English class
Bonus points for guessing which rock star this is…

You know the drill:

  1. Place festive ornamentation on your head
  2. Download your plan here: TeachingHouseTEFLDownloadableLessonChristmas
  3. Dive deep into the inexhaustible barrel of cultural comparisons and quirks with your students

Wherever you are, have a wonderful holiday season from all at Teaching House!

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