Effective Classroom Practices Short Course

Effective Classroom Practices Short Course

Extend your ELT skills with a Teacher Development Course

An Ongoing PD (Professional Development) course with Teaching House adds credibility to any English teacher’s resume.

The central objectives of the Effective Classroom Practice Course are:

• to help teachers focus on professional practice and knowledge

• to enhance teachers’ professional status, both within their teaching institutions and within the profession as a whole

Specific objectives include:

• fostering an in-depth awareness of latest theory and practice in specialist ELT areas including: IT, literature, business and culture

• promoting professional collegiality

• fostering an awareness of learner autonomy and independence

The Effective Classroom Practice Course syllabus includes library research, project work, autonomy and independent learning, teaching with IT, observation of teaching, staffroom collaboration and continuing professional development (CPD).

Examples of syllabus content include activities for teaching using English literature, conducting a cultural awareness survey, adapting to different learning preferences and individual learner needs, promoting learning outside the classroom, teaching with websites, apps and other digital tools, analysing business English materials, career development and portfolio-building.

Important Information:

• Class Size: 16 or under

• Available Online

• Requirements: English of at least CEFR B2 level

• Enrol: Online Application Form here

• Dates & Fees: Please find fees and dates detailed in the section below.

• Teaching House certificate on course completion, including details of course dates, hours and details of topics covered.

• Detailed and personalised report from the course director with suggestions for further professional development

• Erasmus+ funding – approved for London courses. PIC 944411983 More information about Erasmus+ here

Course Fees

In 2023 our course fees are as follows:

One week:

£320 GBP/ $410 USD / $520 CAD

Two weeks:

£610 GBP / $805 USD / $995 CAD

Course Preparation

All course participants receive a pre-course bibliography, which they can refer to prior to the start of their course (although the reading of these texts is not a requirement to complete the course).

Participants who are already practising teachers are also invited to complete a brief selection of self-observation sheets to encourage them to analyse their own classroom performance in their own teaching situation, prior to the start of their course. These self-observation sheets are submitted to the Course Director at the start of the course, helping him or her to gain more insight into the teachers’ backgrounds and to better anticipate the teachers’ needs during the course.

What is the course format?

The course runs across one or two weeks. You can choose to only do one week, or the full two weeks.

Course Outcomes

These courses provide a forum for development of your professional skills, from insights into recent developments in English language teaching to practical classroom ideas and activities. They are also designed to develop your knowledge of contemporary English usage and provide you with the opportunity to improve your all-round competence in English.

Course Schedule

In the morning, you will work with an international group of fellow teaching professionals (maximum group size 16), discussing issues in language teaching and looking at materials and activities to give you practical ideas for your classroom.

In the afternoon, you will also have the opportunity to observe our teachers putting the techniques we discuss into practice. Teachers who choose to study for 25 hours will also have a series of closed group language sessions to help improve your own level of English.

Upcoming Course Dates


Week 1:

July 10 – July 14, 2022

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