CELTA & Delta

The CELTA Course

Cambridge University accredited and considered one of the most prestigious English Language certifications, the CELTA acts a prerequisite for the rigorous and rewarding Delta certification. The CELTA course is based upon the English language teaching principles and trainees are encourage , once they have learned the necessary teaching methods to then develop a individualistic style of teaching that is effective and relevant to the needs of their teaching context.

The CELTA is composed of three rigorous elements which help exercise all aspects of teaching and provides trainees with the essential tools needed to help assess, plan and execute an appropriate lesson plan for any designated group of students. The first element of the course consists of  a collections of workshops taught by our experienced teacher trainers. Input training involves demonstrations of several teaching techniques teacher trainees can exercise immediately and implement in lesson plans they create themselves. Two aspects explored during input sessions include exploratory teaching methods and how to effectively find proper job placement.

The second element includes active classroom observation in which trainees view teaching methods put to use by experienced ESL teachers. Through this process, trainees have the chance to assess how teaching methods are implemented to students in a classroom setting. Trainee’s view how teacher trainers evaluate students needs and demonstrate effective teaching strategy to address these needs. This live observation also allows the trainees to evaluate what lesson plans work best for their method of teaching and allows them develop their own distinct style.

A number of written assignments comprise the third area.The written assignments are introspective and practical, allowing the trainee to evaluate their strength and weaknesses in depth. Important language components and skills such as grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking are addressed.

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The Delta Course

Known as the Diploma in English Teaching for Adults, the Delta is considered a more advanced qualification sought by those who have received a CELTA and also have previous teaching English language teaching experience. The Delta is an in-service training course that emphasizes the exploration  of teaching theory. Delta trainees are given the opportunities to expand their knowledge of the English language through advanced teaching analysis and methodology. Professionally, the Delta allows for greater career advancement such as higher teaching positions and a better salary. This could include academic management, director of studies or teacher training positions. For many private employers a Delta is considered equivalent, and even more useful than a theory-based Master’s degree.

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