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Your Guide to Finding the Top TEFL Jobs in the Industry

Your dream of living and teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) is so close you can almost taste it.

Maybe you see yourself already standing at the front of the classroom, working with eager students and making a difference in their lives. Or maybe you envision sending postcards back home with stories of exciting weekend adventures to exotic locations and the new friends you’re meeting.

To make sure that your vision actually lives up to reality, you have to do a little research into securing the right TEFL jobs. You have to have realistic expectations about what you’re getting into so that the transition is as smooth as possible, as well as the confidence knowing you’re prepared to do the job you’re hired for.

Now, let’s help get you that job: here are the top TEFL job tips you need to keep in your back pocket.

TEFL Job Tips to Help You Land Opportunity of Your Dreams


When you’re assessing employment opportunities, you need to look at more than the job description. Start with the perfect position in mind and make sure you understand:

  • What hours and days are you expected to work?
  • Will you be in a rural or urban setting?
  • How will you get to and from your job?
  • Will you be teaching kids, adults, professionals, college students, or businessmen and businesswomen?
  • Is there is a supportive network of other teachers at the school?
  • Is your boss very hands-on or hands-off?


While you might be tempted to jump on the first job offer that comes your way, you need to make sure the school provides proper salary and benefits. Tips for getting a top TEFL job include:

  • Select a TEFL training program that is desirable to employers, such as the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). CELTA is the premier training program in the world for students who want to teach abroad. CELTA is highly regarded by employers in the U.S. and overseas, and is often the catalyst behind a generous employment offer with high pay and great benefits.
  • Have a network of current and former ESL teaching peers that will alert you to job opportunities at their sought-after school or schools nearby
  • Ask to speak to other teachers via phone or email who are in the position you’ll be in. Most teachers are happy to share with you their feedback and advice

The Internet is a tremendous resource, but the hundreds of websites and search engines out there can be as overwhelming as they are helpful. That’s why we at Teaching House pride ourselves on helping job seekers and our graduates get the best TEFL jobs possible.


Teaching House is the top CELTA center in the country. We have helped thousands of students secure jobs all over the world, so we know the job application process can be overwhelming.

We offer the following TEFL job tips and services:

  • Advise students on post-course-completion employment opportunities and strategies for career success
  • Serve as an advocate and liaison for students
  • Keep students informed of new job openings
  • Assist students in developing job search strategies and conducting job searches
  • Meet individually with students via phone or in person to review resumes and cover letters
  • Advise students on interviewing skills, and job search process professionalism
  • Provide information sessions for CELTA candidates on job placement, decision-making, goal setting, job resources, and other related topics using a variety of delivery formats

Our Job Placement Services are designed to assist graduates of the Teaching House CELTA in finding employment abroad. The ESL Career Advisor is available to counsel students regarding resumes, interview skills, job openings, and job offers.

We are passionate about helping students, and Teaching House is the center that will get you closer to your dreams.

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