TEFL Hiring Seasons

Your Guide to TEFL Hiring Seasons

While CELTA certified teachers are able to find work year-round in most countries, for some there are peak hiring seasons for most regions that you may want to factor in, so that you don't turn up, say, in Madrid in the middle of August, when everyone else is out of town on the beach...

This is particularly important when going for jobs in the primary or secondary school systems, or university environments. To get a sense of hiring periods direct from the source search the advertisements in our Jobs Center


Hiring Season: September to October (primary)

Hiring Season: January (secondary)

Government sponsored programs usually require the submission of applications in March, ready for a September start, or December for January starts.

Like any grammar point, there are always exceptions to the rule: Russia, Turkey, Hungary and Georgia typcially hire year-round.

Recruitment to work on European summer camps is kicking off earlier each year, we've see advertisements as early as March for June/July work

Latin America

December and January tend to be quiet. There's a detailed country by country list available here .

Central America

Hiring Season (primary): June-July

Hiring Season (secondary): January-February

Costa Rica, Peru and Mexico tend to be year-round.

South America

Hiring Season: February-March

Hiring Season (secondary): July-August


Generally year-round for private language schools

South Korean public schools hiring season: March-May for August/September start dates, private schools year-round

Japan JET program requires applications in by the first of December for October starts

Taiwan kicks off after Chinese New Year and also in July and August.

Thai contracts tend to start in October and May.

China all day, every day

Middle East

Generally year-round, however Gulf states do interview in March-May for August and September start dates.

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