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437 Boylston Street, 2nd floor, Boston, Massachusetts, 02109

There are plenty of reasons to choose Teaching House Boston as your education provider when it comes to Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) courses or Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) courses. Our tutors are incredibly encouraging and supportive, and you will be able to make friends and build a solid support network for when you begin teaching abroad. Teaching House Boston also boasts a fantastic location — centrally located in Back Bay a popular tourist district. If you’re looking to study a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) qualification in Boston, Teaching House Boston should be your first choice. 

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) Course Boston

You’ve decided to travel overseas and enhance your experience by teaching English. Congratulations on making this important and exciting choice! But to help facilitate your career journey, you will need to make sure you hold the proper qualification. 

This is why we offer CELTA training at Teaching House Boston as one of our TESOL/TEFL programs. The CELTA qualification itself is administered by Cambridge University, one of the most well-respected and prestigious universities in the world. This is a globally recognized course that will teach you the skills and knowledge you need to teach others and to help you thrive in your new chosen career path. 

The CELTA course at Teaching House Boston will give you the foundations to build a rewarding and successful career as an ESL teacher. Our CELTA course will provide you with the following: 

  • The skills and confidence you need to teach English as a foreign language
  • Hours of practical teaching experience
  • Methods and techniques for teaching and presenting
  • Constructive feedback from your tutors to help you improve and reach your full potential

By choosing to undertake a CELTA qualification in Boston with Teaching House, you’re working your way towards a certificate that can open up excellent opportunities for you. 

Why study a TESOL or TEFL certification in Boston

Teaching House Boston is located in Back Bay a popular tourist district one of the most popular historical attractions in the Boston area. We are conveniently located within 5 minutes of most Boston subway lines (known by locals as the “T” lines), including the Blue, Orange, and Green lines. And while the center has a conveniently-sized kitchen for trainee use, there are also around 150 restaurants located in the Quincy Market food hall next door.

The school is located inside a contemporary building just off the famous Newbury Street (popular shopping district). With eight classrooms, Teaching House Boston has been purpose-built for language instruction, with digital projectors, audio-visual equipment, Wi-Fi printing, and dedicated support staff to help you with anything you need to plan your lessons. With a combination of beautiful, old-world architecture in a historical part of town, and new and convenient technologies available at your fingertips, we believe that Teaching House Boston offers you everything you need to facilitate a productive, fulfilling, and enjoyable learning experience. 

Teaching House Boston aims to equip our students with all the necessary tools they need to seek out a successful career as an ESL teacher. For this reason, we believe it’s important to offer flexibility when it comes to our teaching methods and the courses we have available, which is why we also offer our CELTA qualification as an online course. This gives you the opportunity to learn from the comfort of your own home — or anywhere else you choose to study.

If you are a non-US resident, our Miami and Boston schools can sponsor your F1 student visa so Boston is a natural choice for international students wanting to do their TEFL qualification in person in a quintessential US city.

How a CELTA qualification can change your life

Undertaking the CELTA course in Boston at Teaching House will be a rewarding and welcome challenge for many. The CELTA qualification is one of the most widely recognized TESOL/TEFL certifications in the world. Teaching House is proud to have qualified students who have secured jobs across the globe, including Brazil, Japan, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Spain, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and India, just to name a few.

If you’re passionate about teaching and want to see the world, then studying a CELTA course at Teaching House Boston could be your ticket. Are you ready to take the next step forward?  Contact us with any questions at 1-800-756-2003 or and apply today. 

Upcoming Course Dates - CELTA Face to Face

Face to Face CELTA courses

2024 CELTA Face to Face Course Dates:


Full Time CELTA Course  

  • August 19th -  September 13th, 2024  
  • September 16th  - October 11th, 2024    
  • October 21st -  November 15th, 2024
  • November  18th - December 17th, 2024

Part Time CELTA Course

  • October 4th -  December 17th, 2024


Full Time CELTA Course

  • August  19th - September 13th, 2024    
  • November 18th  - December 17th, 2024


Full Time CELTA Course

  • August 19th -  September 13th, 2024 (Mixed Mode - first two weeks online then the final two weeks in Boston- the best of both worlds)


Full Time CELTA Courses coming soon


Full Time CELTA Course  

  • October  21st - November 15th, 2024 (Mixed Mode - first two weeks online then final two weeks in Miami - the best of both worlds)

New York City

Full Time CELTA Course  

  • September 16th  - October 11th, 2024        
  • November 18th  - December 17th, 2024

Part Time CELTA Course

  • October 4th -  December 17th, 2024


Full Time CELTA Course  

  • September 16th  - October 11th, 2024
  • November 18th  - December 17th, 2024


Full Time CELTA Course      

  • October  21st - November 15th, 2024

Part Time CELTA Course  

  • September 7th  - November 11th, 2024


Full Time CELTA Course          

  • August 1st -  August 30th, 2024    
  • October 1st - October 30th,  2024    
  • November 4th - November 29th,  2024

Part Time CELTA Course     

  • October 1st -  December 18th, 2024

Part Time Mixed-Mode CELTA Course    

  • October 1st - December 18th,  2024


Full Time CELTA Course     

  • November 4th -  November 29th, 2024


Full Time CELTA Course      

  • August 5th -  August 30th, 2024    
  • September 2nd  - September 27th, 2024    
  • October 7th -  November 1st, 2024    
  • November 18th  - December 17th, 2024


Full Time CELTA Course       

Full Time Mixed-Mode CELTA Course    

  • September 9th - October 11th,  2024

Upcoming Course Dates - CELTA Online

Online Course Times

In order to best serve our community we have scheduled our online classes across four major time zones. These classes run across four time zones to serve:

  • The East Coast USA/Canada: Eastern Standard Time/Eastern Daylight Time
  • The West Coast USA/Canada: Pacific Standard Time/Pacific Daylight Time
  • The United Kingdom and Europe: GMT/British Summer Time
  • Australia and Asia: Australian Eastern Standard Time / Australian Eastern Daylight Time


All our online Celta course dates run simultaneously in The East Coast USA, West Coast USA and UK time zones. Only courses marked ** are available in the Australian Eastern Time Zone. Simply indicate your time zone of preference in the application form and you will be enrolled in the cohort of your desired time zone.

2024 CELTA Course Dates:

Full Time CELTA Courses

  • August 19th - September 13th, 2024
  • September 16th - October 11th, 2024
  • October 21st - November 15th, 2024
  • November 18th - December 13th (UK)/ December 17th (USA), 2024

Part Time CELTA Courses

  • July 19th - September 26th, 2024**
  • October 4th - December 11th (UK) 17th (USA), 2024**

CELTA Course Fees

CELTA 2024 Course Fees:


The cost of the online CELTA program is $2,895 USD/£1,390 GBP / $3,195 AUD and is due five weeks before the course starts. You can pay in installments, as long as the full course fee is received at least five weeks in advance of the course start date.

The cost is the same for the full-time and part-time online CELTA course.

This cost includes a $200 USD/£100 GBP / $250 AUD enrolment deposit that will secure your place on the course of your choice. Your remaining course fee is due 5 weeks before your course begins.

Certificate shipping may incur an additional fee. (Domestic shipping to the USA is included in the US course fee)


The cost of the face-to-face CELTA program, inclusive of tuition, Cambridge fee, registration fee and all applicable taxes, is as follows:

- New York City: $2,945 USD*

- Miami: $2,945 USD

- Boston: $2,945 USD

- Toronto: $2,495 CAD

- London: £1,390 GBP

- Oxford: £1,390 GBP

- Melbourne: $3,195 AUD

This fee does not include accommodation.

Earlybird Discount!

Take advantage of our earlybird promotion and confirm your enrolment early to receive a discount on your course fees.

UK - online and face-to-face

Confirm your enrolment three weeks before your course commences and receive a £100 discount off your course fees.

USA online only

Confirm your enrolment five weeks before your course commences and receive a $400 discount off your course fees.

Australia - online and face-to-face

Confirm your enrolment three weeks before your course commences and receive a $300 discount off your course fees.

Enrolment deposit:

CELTA candidates are required to pay a non-refundable $200/£100/ $250 AUD enrolment fee. This deposit is paid after the CELTA candidate has completed the application process, interviewed with one of our tutors, and has been accepted onto the course. Once payment of the enrolment fee has been made, we confirm a place on the course of your choice, subject to places still being available.

No application fee:

There is no fee to apply for the Teaching House CELTA, and applicants are in no way committed to taking the course after submitting an application. Because places are limited on our CELTA courses (the maximum ratio of trainees to teacher trainers is 6:1), it is advisable to apply for a place as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Books and materials:

CELTA Trainees can choose to buy a methodology book and grammar book, but these are not required (information on these books will be provided during the application process). This is completely optional, and we have copies of these books available at all of our face-to-face centers.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us here. We are here to help.

The Enrollment Process

The Enrollment Process

All teacher training courses:

All Teaching House Courses start with an online application, then we will send you detailed information regarding the following steps, which usually include an interview with a Teaching House teacher trainer. For more details about the requirements for your course, contact us.

CELTA Course Enrolment:

The Teaching House Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other languages (CELTA) enrollment process is designed with three aims in mind:

  • To provide the applicant with a clear idea of what the course is, what to expect to get from it and what is required to succeed.
  • To ensure that once an applicant has been accepted, they have a very high chance of successfully completing the course.
  • To ensure those who are accepted have a high probability of qualifying for and attaining ESL teaching work in the country or city of their choice.


  • An applicant must have a standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education.
  • An applicant must be over the age of 18.
  • An applicant must have a standard of English which will enable them to teach at a range of levels, equivalent to a high C1 level on the CEFR.

The process for enrolling:

  1. All interested trainees must complete the application form located here. There is NO application fee. If you are not able to successfully complete the online application form, you can request an application via email (as a word document) through our contact us page. To ensure that you receive our emails promptly, please add to your Allowed Emails list.
  2. After reviewing your application, a member of our enrollment team will follow up by email and send you an assignment called the Pre-Interview Task. This task is a series of language and teaching activities designed to give trainees an idea of what the course (and teaching English!) is all about.
  3. Once we have received your Pre-Interview Task, we will schedule a time for an interview that is convenient for you. Most interviews are conducted via telephone or Zoom but in-person interviews are available at our New York, Boston, London, Melbourne and Toronto locations.
  4. The interview is a chance for you to speak to an experienced course trainer. The trainer will discuss your work from the Pre-Interview Task to gain a better understanding of your potential for English Language Teaching. The interview also provides an opportunity to speak with an enrollment advisor about the enrollment process and payment options.
  5. After acceptance, you must pay an enrollment deposit to confirm your place on the course of your choice (subject to availability—given on a first-come, first-served basis). The amount of enrollment deposit depends on your course location.
  6. The remainder of your course fee (less the enrollment deposit) is due no later than five weeks before the beginning of the course.

Feel free to contact us for more information or Apply Now!

Learn through practical classroom experience


There are some things in life that cannot be learned from just reading a book or studying online. For example, imagine turning up for your driving test having never been behind the wheel of a car. Good teaching is no different and can only be developed through hands-on experience in the classroom. Which is why the main component of the CELTA course is controlled, in-classroom teaching practice working with real language learners.

If you’re in any doubt about how important this experience is, consider these two scenarios.

Scenario #1:

You listed ‘college writing tutor’ and ‘online TESOL course’ on your resume and after a lot of searching you’ve finally got an English teaching job in the rough end of town. You’ve got a class of 20 students with a range of language learning needs and you’re not sure what from your experience as a writing tutor or the online activities you did for your TESOL course has helped prepare you for this lesson.

With sweaty palms you flip through the coursebook, trying to find an easy vocabulary lesson to teach because you have no idea how to teach grammar.

As your students take their seats, they open their notebooks and look up at you expectantly. They’ve paid good money for this course and they’re hoping you’re worth it.

You look at your watch and hope the next 45 minutes passes as painlessly as possible. But at this point, your English teaching career is off to a grim start.

Scenario #2:

It’s your first day with a new class of English students. You think back to your weeks of intense training on your CELTA course and the feedback and encouragement you got from your CELTA trainer.

You’ve prepared an interesting lesson to get your students working in groups, chatting with each other and covering some new vocabulary items, leading to the introduction of a new grammar point. Yes, this is your first day with a new class, but your confident posture, the handouts organized on your desk and the way you calmly and comfortably chat with the students as they walk into your class shows someone who is at ease in the classroom and knows what they’re doing.

As you chat with your students about their weekend before class starts, you can tell you’re going to have a lot of fun with this group, and the feeling is mutual.

Which scenario would you prefer to be in?


When you start your CELTA course, you’ll be in the classroom from Day 1, working with real students from a range of non-English-speaking countries. By the time the course ends, you’ll have spent about 40 hours in the classroom teaching, observing your colleagues teach and evaluating students’ English skills.

Each lesson you teach will follow a cycle:

You work one-on-one with your teacher trainer to design your lesson and select activities to do with your class
While you teach, your trainer is present throughout the lesson to support you and to write a report on your lesson
After the lesson, you, your trainer and your small group of fellow trainees (maximum group size of six) discuss that day’s lessons and evaluate them – what worked, what didn’t and what steps you can take to improve
After this wraps up, you get a detailed written report on your lesson to take away and read through
You are now ready to prepare your next lesson with your CELTA trainer, building on your previous lesson and incorporating everything new that you’ve learned.


Once you’ve graduated from your CELTA course, and you find yourself standing before a new class of students, wherever you may be, you won’t feel petrified, or lost, or be hoping it was over already. You’ll have the confidence to meet your new students and their expectations and you’ll be able to teach quality lessons and enjoy doing it. You’ll have earned your CELTA and you’ll already have English teaching experience.

It’s no wonder that language school principals around the world are looking for teachers who have done the CELTA. Having a CELTA certificate in hand is the mark of a teacher who is prepared and knows what they’re doing.

For more information about what topics the CELTA course covers, go to our page on Course Content or go to our Course Locations to find a CELTA course near you.

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