Teaching House Values

English is the most widely used language in the fields of international media, business and education and is the most common language for world communication. As such, the global demand for quality English language instruction is high, and for many students the quality of their teachers will be the difference between attending their desired university, obtaining the best jobs, or successfully travelling and communicating in foreign countries.Teaching House has a tradition of providing top quality, innovative teacher training, within a supportive and encouraging environment, enabling our students to fulfil their full potential as teachers. Which is why Teaching House graduates are highly sought after by quality language schools around the world.

"I've travelled the world as a teacher and a teacher trainer and tI know there is no better course to prepare you to teach than the CELTA.
That's why the best schools around the world employ CELTA-qualified teachers" - Ryan Horsnail, Co-Founder

Listed here are our values. These values guide every decision we make, every conversation we have, and every interaction between our team and our students.

  • To inspire and facilitate the realization of dreams and ambitions
  • To be a role model for English language teaching that is vibrant, meaningful and inspirational
  • To contribute to and promote quality education
  • To strengthen the social fabric by bringing different cultures and peoples together
  • To provide a sustainable and supportive environment in which students and staff can grow
  • To treat all positively and equallyTo care for the world and the environment
  • To act responsibly and compassionately

We hope that the commitment and passion we put into our courses is clear to every course participant and we are very proud of our course graduates.

Our Partners & Accreditation

We partner with the best brands in the English Language training industry