ESL Lesson Download: Father’s Day

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Hey Teachers, dads and dad-lovers!

This week, we’re celebrating and treating YOU in honor of Father’s Day! Plus, we haven’t posted a listening lesson up here in a while, so we’re just dying to show off this genius by our very own Lizzy Adams, created around an amazing podcast by This American Life. And if you aren’t already familiar with This American Life, then you’re about to have your world opened up to a million possibilities for using podcasts in the ESL classroom.

Are you excited? Yes, of course you are!

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Call your dad and tell him you love him. That’s a given.

2) Download this Lesson Plan with Teacher’s Notes and Student Worksheets by clicking on this link:

Father’s Day ESL Lesson & Teacher’s Notes

3) Go dig up some of your old Throwback Thursday photos of you and your dad when you were a kid. Students love that kind of thing – go on, share it with them!

How did the lesson go? We love getting feedback about our lessons, so leave us a comment below!

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