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Cambridge Assessment English approved the opening of Teaching House in 2007. With the aim to expand quality English-language teacher training in the United States, Teaching House has opened over 15 center locations and trained over 3,000 new teachers. Teaching House is now the largest provider of Cambridge CELTA courses in the world.Ensuring the high standards of education that are set by Cambridge English, all Teaching House CELTA courses have a maximum of only 6 trainees working with each trainer. To fulfill this trainer/trainee ratio, the Teaching House staff include over 20 Cambridge English-approved teacher trainers as well as a strong support team based at our headquarters in New York.In addition to the standard four-week CELTA course format, Teaching House has developed two new formats: the 10-week part-time course which is designed for people who work full-time during the day (the course is run on two evenings a week and on Saturdays); and now a part-time blended course over 14 weeks allowing people to work online during the week and do teaching practice on Saturdays. We also offer in the USA a two week compressed teaching practice option with online content, for those who are only able to take two weeks for their teaching practice component.

Since 2007, Teaching House has expanded its education practices globally by providing the best education under the helpful and watchful eye of experienced teacher trainers and advisors. Each professional has worked diligently to develop the CELTA and Delta brand. By extending their expertise to potential candidates who hope to carry on the tradition of effective English language teaching, Teaching House contributes to the advancement of education. Now in over 30 locations world-wide, Teaching House are the world’s leading provider of CELTA and Delta courses.

Teaching House works to implement quality education services that fit the needs of each of its candidates. Professional and personal development remains at the forefront and each candidate is encouraged to thrive and prosper within a supportive and comfortable learning environment.

A community that provides ongoing support

To assist graduates to find the best available jobs both in the USA and abroad, Teaching House maintains a host of platforms to help TH graduates throughout their teaching career. In 2009, Teaching House pioneered job assistance for graduates. TH Nomads (as graduates are called) are provided with assistance from TESOL Job Advisors through the Job Assistance Scheme upon graduation. Teaching House also maintains a well-regarded TESOL Job Listing where English-language schools around the world place adverts looking to fill teacher positions. TH also produces a suit of newsletters to keep graduates informed about ESOL News as well as keep graduates informed of the best teaching jobs available. In 2013 Teaching House created the TH Nomads Blog and greatly improved social media, so that TH Nomads are able to keep in contact, share tips about teaching in different countries and as a means to network.In addition to providing English-language teacher training, Teaching House provides three services to the community: free English-language classes at all of our centers; free TESOL consultancy for other providers of free English-language classes to improve the quality of their instruction; educational grants to ESOL-based programs. For more information on these services, see our page on Charity Work. Teaching House’s graduates are found in language schools throughout the United States and across the globe, and whether you are interested in joining our group of graduates, looking to recruit a Cambridge English certified teacher, interested in free language classes or our other charity work, Teaching House is happy to hear from you.

For more information on any of our services, please contact us today.

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