Downloadable EFL Lesson: Kiss and Make Up Day

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We continue our series celebrating the lesser-known days of celebration. This August 25th was annual Kiss and Make Up Day, a perfect excuse to cover the topic of communication and reconciliation with your class. This lesson comes to us from Australian CELTA trainer Erin Zawaki.

Topic: Kiss and Make Up Day

Type: Reading and Vocabulary

Level: Intermediate/Upper-intermediate+

Lesson Aims: Learners will develop reading for gist and detail in the context of advice for making up after a fight with friends. Learners will also develop their speaking fluency (and listening / note taking skills) by designing and presenting how they would celebrate ‘Kiss and Make Up’ Day.

Note to the Teacher: A lesser known holiday but quite a fun one. The lesson gets Ss up on their feet and using their reading skills, as well as personalizing the lesson with their ideas for how to celebrate. Who knows, it may even lead to some forgiving and forgetting!

Download the lesson materials and lesson plan here: Lesson Plan- Kiss and Make Up

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