Top 5 Blogs To Read Before Travelling Abroad

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Thinking about travelling abroad and need inspiration or advice on how to make the most of your trip? Top travel bloggers tend to be excellent writers and inspire many others to explore new places. But which blogs about travel are top notch? Read on to find out!

The Planet D 

The Planet D blog is an award winning travel publication created by adventure couple Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil. They launched the site in 2008 posting all their adventures around the world through award winning photography, writing and videography. Forbes has named Planet D one of the top 10 influences in travel. Along with showcasing their own adventures they also share information and tips to help people plan their travels around the world. 

Must read articles

Travel Safety Tips - How To Have A Safe Vacation

Although travelling is an exciting experience it is always best to be prepared for the unexpected. This is a very detailed article that informs readers of all the potential problems they may encounter and how to prevent or handle these situations. 

Best Travel Tips From 21 Years Travelling The World 

Whether you are going to tropical islands, crowded cities or climbing the tallest mountains this article offers viewers the best tips and tricks for travelling. The couple mentions advice on food, safety, transport, luggage and even etiquette. 

Dave and Debra (The Planet D) enjoying Hubbard Glacier in Alaska

The Points Guy 

One of the most well known travel blogs was founded by Brian Kelly. The blog is devoted to maximising credit card, airline and hotel loyalty points. Brian was only 12 years old when he booked his first trip using his father’s points to arrange for the family to visit the Cayman Islands. Now the website is run by Brian and other writers to offer travel advice and news. 

Must read articles

15 packing hacks for travelling with just a carry-on

If you’re wanting to pack light to take advantage of cheaper costs or just have so many items that you think you cannot fit into your luggage, this article is for you. It offers tips and advice on how to efficiently pack your carry-on so that you don’t miss out on any important items. 

Tips and tricks for finding a great travel deal 

If you are travelling on a budget this article offers advice on the best ways to save money and take advantage of accommodation or flight deals. This article explains where to look and how to decide which deals are worth taking. 

Brian Kelly The Points Guy

Hey Ciara 

Ciara is a well known solo female traveller and has explored North America, Europe and Africa . Her blog features many articles on how she travels the world alone and on a budget. Her content is uplifting and inspiring and she reminds readers how beautiful our world truly is. 

Must read articles

The Best Travel Apps You’ll Actually Use

As technology advances, there are thousands of helpful apps being made that make travelling easier. From helping overcome language barriers, finding last minute deals, avoiding getting lost or even connecting with loved ones, Ciara lists the best apps she uses to make trip planning more convenient. 

7 Reasons to Stay In A Hostel For Your Next Trip 

Ciara gives  insights on the benefits of staying in a hostel which could spark a new interest for readers and get them to travel in a different way. Staying in hostels is also a great way to save money if you are travelling on a budget. 

Ciara exploring Yosemite Mist Trail


Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt was created by Matthew Kepnes who is an American travel blogger. He had never travelled anywhere outside of the United States until the age of 23 when he left for Thailand. The trip convinced Kepnes to quit his job and begin travelling the world and blogging about his experiences. 


Must read articles

12 Things I’d Tell An New Traveller 

With 15 years of experience under his belt,  Matt answers many questions that new travellers would have concerns about. For rookies this is one of the best articles to read to calm the nerves and get excited about travelling abroad. 

18 Easy Steps For Planning Your Next Trip

A detailed step by step guide to help plan your trip abroad so that you can focus more on enjoying yourself than stressing about what to do next. Matt discusses how he prepares for his trips abroad and helps readers plan a trip that suits them. Answer all the questions in the article and before you know it you’ll have a fully planned trip. 

Nomadic Matt going for a stroll in the streets of Paris

Travel Freak 

Jeremy Scott started Travel Freak as a way to connect and reach other like-minded people. He began travelling after he graduated from college in 2009 and has fallen in love with it ever since. He is a great resource not only for destination specific tips, but also information you need to know before you leave.

Must read articles

65 Best Travel Tips I’ve Learnt After 10 Years of Travelling 

This is by far one of the longest articles on travelling tips as Jeremy Scott answers almost every possible concern you may have before travelling abroad. He has insights on things you would never think of which can help you prepare for almost every situation you may encounter overseas. 

How To Work Abroad Without Experience 

Travelling abroad for a holiday is one thing, however travelling abroad for work is another. This article gives advice specific to those who are wanting to travel for work. It outlines a few tips to keep in mind when working abroad as well as tips to get hired.

Jeremy Scott seeking adventure and hiking in the mountains

Those are the top 5 travel blogs and must read articles to get you excited about travelling abroad. With so many of our students travelling abroad to teach we hope that this blog encourages you to take up the opportunity as well! 

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