Downloadable ESL Lesson: Groundhog Day

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Here’s a lesson you can pull out time and time again, and your students won’t know the difference. Hold on, I think we’re getting confused by Bill Murray…again.

Groundhog Day can be a fun material for students to explore!
We’re getting paid to wear these hats

Here’s a lesson from Shannon Felt, our wonderful DC center manager and CELTA trainer, that highlights the odd celebration that is Groundhog Day in the USA.

Level: Upper-intermediate +

Type: Reading and Vocabulary Strategies, Meaning from Context

The PDF gives you all you need to deliver 40-60 minutes to your learners, including teacher’s notes and materials.

Is Punxsutawney Phil a hoax or gifted soothsayer?

Groundhog Day is a celebration in the USA

Do you have student with a low tolerance for ambiguity? What’s better than making up a few words and throwing in a member of the marmot family?

Download your lesson materials here:

TH-Downloadable-ESL-Lesson-Plan-and-Materials-Groundhog Day

There is an interesting history behind Groundhog Day
Groundhog Day has its roots in Candlemas

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