Downloadable EFL Lesson: National Coffee Day USA

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While not traditionally known for the quality of their coffee, the US is enthusiastic enough to actually celebrate National Coffee Day. Erin is back with this CELTA-style reading lesson about coffee and the role it plays around the world. Enjoy!

This CELTA-style reading lesson can get your students excited about National Coffee Day and about learning English

Level: Intermediate+

Lesson Aims: Learners will develop reading skills and develop their ability to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary from context

Approx Timing: 45-60 mins

Notes to the teacher: September is generally back to school month, and that means a lot more coffee for all that studying! This lesson honors National Coffee Day by focusing on some interesting, lesser known facts about the ever-popular drink. It’s a fun lesson and useful to develop your learners’ reading skills and their ability to deduce meaning of vocabulary from context.

Download the materials:

PDF: 09 Sept National Coffee Day EH

Word: 09 Sept National Coffee Day EH

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