Downloadable EFL Lesson: National Bosses’ Day

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Having a horrible boss can make going to work every day an extremely frustrating and tiring experience. Even so, it’s funny to reflect back on old bosses (and be grateful for how much better life is without them). Check out these weird boss encounters and have your students share their stories as well!

Doing this downloadable EFL lesson can be a great way to celebrate National Bosses' Day with your students
Have any terrible boss stories? Comment below sharing your worst!

Type: Speaking, Vocabulary

Level: Intermediate+

Lesson Aims: For students to have practice speaking for fluency in a pyramid activity about horrible bosses.

Approximate Timing: 45 – 60 min.

Note to the Teacher: In the style of “it could always be worse!” this lesson celebrates Bosses’ Day (October 16th) by taking a lighthearted (for us, anyway) look at horrible bosses. The students read a selection of boss horror stories sent in to The Washingtonian magazine, and then rank them in a pyramid-style speaking activity.

Download the lesson materials and lesson plan here:

He Did What??: A Lesson for Bosses’ Day

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