8 ways you're changing your students’ lives without realising

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As an ESL teacher, your dedication and commitment to your students doesn't go unnoticed. You give students the opportunity to learn English, along with the many important skills and lessons of everyday life and we see you are making a long term impact on them! We see you and thank you for this!

This dedication and commitment is what makes a difference and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are 8 ways you’re changing their lives without even realising: 

  1. You are changing their mindset

It is so important to support students so they can view themselves positively. By encouraging and reassuring them, you are reminding them to focus on their growth not their mistakes. Each little bit of support helps them to reshape the way they are thinking about themselves and their study habits. 

  1. You encourage curiosity

You ignite students' curiosity to spark profound exploration and discovery! You not only encourage them to ask questions, challenge assumptions and think outside of the box but are willing to go beyond initiating their curiosity by providing a comfortable environment for them. 

  1. You build a relationship with them

When building a relationship with your students you provide them with a foundation for student engagement, belonging and a safe learning space. You are able to grasp more about the way they learn, their differences and where they need that extra support. Finding ways to celebrate each student is so valuable to them. 

  1. You teach them how to overcome obstacles

Teaching them how to overcome hurdles in their study is just as important as the study itself. This not only enhances their English ability, but can also pave the path for how they approach situations in their personal life. Guiding them through the hard times of studying, mistakes, and personal disappointment will set them up for the future, to be fully equipped when handling any situation.

  1. You are inspiration to them

Students are constantly inspired by you, what you’ve accomplished and the content you are teaching them. You cultivate their talents, encourage them to pursue their dreams and make sure they are ready for the future. They are often motivated by this, pushing them to study hard to follow in your footsteps. 

  1. You understand their learning

You choose the most effective strategies for each student based on their learning habits and language goals. You tailor your classes to them, making sure you are motivating students while creating lessons that are interesting and fun. You believe that all students have extraordinary potential and you push them to explore this further. 

  1. You provide guidance 

You are able to see each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and can provide assistance and guidance to either get them up to speed or push them higher.

You also help reveal your students’ best skills and teach valuable life skills as well, such as communication, compassion, presentation, organization, following directions and empathy. What’s more, by allowing learners to work with each other, you’re allowing them the benefits of being the guide as well as the protégé.

  1. You are dedicated to teaching!

Your biggest impact to students is your dedication and passion for ESL teaching! You are so much more than a teacher, you listen, support and motivate your students. Not only do you shape their academic achievements, but you are passionate about motivating them towards life success!

At the end of the day we value you SO much! We love having a passionate and supportive team teaching English at Teaching House and we can’t see what the next year has in store for our students. 

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