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Choosing where to do your CELTA course is no easy task. You can travel anywhere in the world to get that all important qualification to start your TEFL career, but what options are available? Teaching House have CELTA centres dotted all over the world. I’m going to inform you about Seville, London, and Belfast.


In the south of Spain, the capital of Andalusia, Seville is a traditional, romantic city, and an excellent option for doing a CELTA.

Living in Seville

Seville has an abundance of things to see and do (I should know because I live here). The most popular attractions are:

  • The Cathedral: a gothic cathedral built in the 15th The most impressive part is la Giralda, an amazing tower which you can walk up and see across the whole city. The orange patio is particularly pretty.
  • The Real Alcázar: This historical Royal Palace is situated in the centre of the city. You can stroll round the various rooms, explore the well-kept gardens, and play hide and seek in the bush maze.
  • The River Guadalquivir: Perfect for walking along, grabbing a drink or a bite to eat while you’re thinking about your next lesson plan.
  • Plaza España: One of the marvels of Seville. Here you can take a walk round the Parque Maria Luisa, and even hire a rowing boat round the mini moat in the square itself. Great photo opportunity.

What’s for dinner?  

The city of Seville, Spain has plenty of job opportunities for newly trained TEFL teachers

If you love tapas, then Seville is the king. There are an abundance of bars and restaurants with a range of foods. You can try salmorejo – a cold tomato soup, solomillo al whisky – a garlic pork dish, and of course the famous tortilla de patatas – Spanish omelette. There are loads of bars and pubs to socialise at the weekend too.

Teaching in Seville

Seville has plenty of job opportunities for newly trained TEFL teachers. New academies are popping up all the time, and although they might not be the best in the city, they are certainly a way of getting your foot in the door. Once you have some experience you could move on to one of the more reputable ones. The following academies have excellent training and conditions: Clic, ELI, the British Institute, and English School Macarena.

Doing a CELTA in Seville

Teaching House Clic is right in the heart of the city, so you can find accommodation close enough. There is a great vibe at Clic and the trainers are very experienced. They also teach a range of languages so you’ll be able to mix with people from all over the world. There are 35 classrooms, plenty of materials and an extensive library, which is essential for researching for those lesson plans. I actually did my Delta with Clic, so I highly recommend them.

Overall, Seville is a perfect option if you’re looking for that European feel and want to do your CELTA in a more traditional city with plenty of opportunities afterwards.


In the capital of England you certainly won’t get bored. I’m from London and miss it like crazy.

Living in London

Everyone knows that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but if you have the budget, you can have an outstanding experience. I actually did my CELTA in London and had a whale of a time (when I had a few minutes spare). The main attractions are:

  • The London Eye: One of the most popular venues in London. Book early to get a seat and see London from one of the highest points.
  • Buckingham Palace: You can’t visit London and not pop by and see this wonderful building. If you’re lucky maybe the Queen will stick her head out a window and invite you in for a cuppa.
  • The Shard: Even if you don’t fancy the £25 entry fee, you can still marvel at the highest building in Europe.
  • London Zoo: If you love animals, then this is a great option. You can normally find discounted tickets on websites and in magazines too.

Grubs up!

Studying or teaching in London can be an outstanding experience for aspiring ESL teachers
London at night

You name it, London has it. Whether you want to get stuck into Chinese, Thai, or Japanese, stick closer to home with traditional pub grub, or pig out on fast food, there is something for everyone’s tastes. There are plenty of supermarkets everywhere too if you need to watch your budget while you’re doing the course.

Teaching in London

London is an extremely popular destination for English language learners. People come from all over the world to learn English in the capital, so there are plenty of opportunities. More so between June and September when thousands of summer schools pop up and offer the complete learning experience. Teaching on a summer course in London is a great way to start off your TEFL career. You’ll really get a feel for the types of students you can teach, which could help you decide your next place to live and work abroad.

Doing a CELTA in London

The Teaching House London location is just perfect, right in the heart of Soho. It’s only a couple of minutes’ walk from Oxford Street, Carnaby Street, and Piccadilly, making it a great choice for doing a CELTA.

The Teaching House London is the perfect place to take the CELTA course, located strategically at the heart of Soho surrounded by the main districts
Plenty of work in London, especially in the summer

The great thing about this centre is that you’ll get experience teaching mixed nationality classes, which is great for the new teacher. You also get membership to the Oxford House club, where you can receive talks from some of the best in ESL. They have a well-equipped library, Wi-Fi, and a rooftop bar. A perfect choice for a perfect location.

If you have the budget and want to learn how to become an ESL teacher in one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the world, then try London.


The capital of Northern Ireland is another great option for doing your CELTA. I was there a few years ago on a lad’s weekend and had a ball. I loved the way you could be in the city one minute, and then hiking up hills the next.

Living in Belfast

One thing that you’ll notice about the locals in Belfast is that they are so friendly and welcoming. Add that to the activities you can see and do, then you’ll be sure to have a grand time. The main attractions are:

  • The Titanic Belfast: Even if you don’t fancy going inside to find out all you can about the titanic tragedy, the wonderful building is a sight to see. It’s right on the dock too.
  • Belfast Botanical Gardens: This is a perfect place to stroll about, take in the views and be with nature.
  • Game of Thrones and Giant’s Causeway: If you’re a fan of this popular series, then a short trip out of Belfast will take you to this magical location where the some of the series was filmed.
  • Ulster Museum: This 8,000 square metre museum has displays on Ancient Egypt, and even dinosaurs. So if you’re up for a cultural visit, then try here.

Feeling peckish?

The friendly and welcoming locals of Belfast will make your living and teaching experience memorable
Belfastians are famous for their hospitality

Belfast is similar to London in that it has a huge range of foods available, but you have to try the Ulster Fry, similar to a traditional fry up, but better. There are plenty of places for fish and chips, different stews, and my favourite steak and Guinness pie. Supermarkets are abundant too, so no worries if you need to watch those pennies.

Teaching in Belfast

Northern Ireland is becoming a popular option for many people hoping to improve their English. There are plenty of language schools scattered around the city, so it’s just a case of finding the right job for you. Again, as in London, the most popular times are in the summer, but you can find work year round. To get a real insight into what types of students you like, and probably dislike, mixed nationality classes are extremely useful.

Doing a CELTA in Belfast

The Teaching House centre in Belfast is not far from Queen’s University, and also a quick walk to the River Lagan. The building is newly refurbished and has 12 classrooms scattered over four floors. There are plenty of facilities including a kitchen, study room, dining area and a pretty courtyard. There is also a library and Wi-Fi available. CELTA trainees will have access to the photocopier, printing, and all necessary equipment for the classes, and an extensive range of materials.

So there you go. Three amazing cities to do your CELTA in. Which one will you choose? Seville for its traditional, romantic surroundings, London for its cosmopolitan, lively vibe, or Belfast for the craic?

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