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Teaching House Nomads Blog | March 5, 2021

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Downloadable ESL Lesson: An Alien in Training

Downloadable ESL Lesson: An Alien in Training
Lizzy Adams

World UFO day

Have you noticed any strange objects suspended in the night sky recently? It’s probably a strange looking cloud, a low flying plane, a balloon or unusually bright planet. But there is a chance, some would say a pretty big chance, that what you are seeing is an alien craft on field trip to Earth.

ESL Downloadable lesson UFO Lesson alien

Are we alone?

In early July, UFO spotters and alien hunters converge to celebrate World UFO day.  Our amazing teacher trainer, Thea Micoli based in New York City, has put together this fun speaking and writing video lesson using the Pixar short – Lifted: a short movie about an alien in training.  It’s a heartwarming little flick perfect for pre-intermediate learners of all ages, and lasts less than 5 minutes, though the lesson will last around 45-60 minutes.

An Alien In Training Lesson Plan – Updated

Let us know what you think of the lesson in the comments below – and why not discuss your views on extraterrestrial life too? Are we alone in this universe?


  1. I randomly came across this post a few days ago and used the lesson. It worked really well with a group of students that often struggle to be creative and motivated, so a big thanks 🙂

  2. Romina Merayo

    Nice work but I can not download the video, it belongs to Disney and its got copyright and is not available.

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