Nahal Hale | TEFL Certification

With a passion in languages, Nahal Hale took the CELTA course and later began work at TH New York, before becoming the USA Enrollment Director.

Nahal Hale

Nahal was born in Shiraz and raised in Tehran, Iran. She finished High School in Tehran and went to the University for 2 years studying Chemical Engineering. Because of the political state of the country and the revolution happening, schools and universities were constantly shut down. Her parents decided to send her to the US to finish her college education. Nahal studied in San Francisco and San Jose, California and got her Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering from San Jose State University and then her Masters in Chemical Engineering. Unable to return home due to the conflict, Nahal worked in Silicon Valley as a Chemical/Process/Quality Engineer for 8 years. She moved to Seattle and was hired by Microsoft as a Quality Engineer, got married and had 2 lovely daughters. While working at Microsoft, she took a self-evolvement course called Avatar, eventually becoming a licensed Avatar Master and started teaching the course, first on a part time basis, then full time. Nahal continues to be involved in self-evolvement training today. Her other passion besides helping people has always been languages. She studied English as a Second Language from Kindergarten to college. She started studying French on her own with a private tutor and continued for several years. She speaks some Japanese from one year of living in Tokyo. She speaks some Arabic from studying the Koran in elementary school and from the connections with her own Farsi language. This love of languages culminated in her decision to take the CELTA course at Teaching House in September of 2015, and later begin work at Teaching House New York. Nahal currently holds the position of Teaching House USA Enrollment Director.

What motivated you to want to work for Teaching House?

During my CELTA Course, I became very curious about the ESL world and how to run a Teacher Training School. Hence, after graduation, I applied to Teaching House and have been working here since November 2015.

Where have you traveled (both for teaching and for fun)?

I visit Iran often where my family still lives, have traveled to London, driven through all of Europe from Germany to Iran with my parents, vacationed in Mexico, Hawaii, Canada, Dubai, France, Italy, and the Netherland, and have traveled to Dublin, Sydney, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and many locations in the US on business.

What do you enjoy about your job helping prospective CELTA trainees?

I love inspiring potential candidates to go for it and take the CELTA course to fulfill their passions and dreams.

How has travel changed you as a person?

I believe the only way to really learn and feel a culture is by traveling. I always recommend people live in a different country any chance they get, to absorb, learn, and feel what it feels like to be “one of them” especially if you want to learn their language.

What do you enjoy about working with and helping ESL students who come to take free classes with Teaching House?

As an ESL student myself for most of my life (I am still learning new words everyday!), I can closely relate to the ESL students in all aspects (shyness, awkwardness, excitement, pride) and feel like I can be a good and stable reference point for them.

What advice would you give to people looking to travel the world teaching English if they’ve never traveled abroad before (and might be feeling a little nervous about making the leap)?

I would say, go for it!! The experience is worth momentary nervousness or awkwardness. Jump in and have an experience of a lifetime!!

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