Five Countries with a Booming Demand for TEFL Teachers

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This month’s guest post comes from Dimitris Vlachos. Originally from Greece Dimitris is now working for Movinhand, which is an online career service provider based out of Hanover Square in London. He’s an expert in hiring and relocation abroad, and shares here his top five booming markets for ELT professionals.

If you’re interesting in becoming a TEFL teacher, then you’re entering the market at the right time. According to a study conducted by GSV Advisors for Pearson English, English language instruction is a $63 billion per year industry.

Teaching English as a second language is perfect for those who love to help others learn a language and for those who have adventurous souls. If you’re an avid traveler, or would like to become one, there are countless countries who have a serious need for more teachers.

Here are the five places booming for English as a second language teachers:


China has a population that’s nearing 1.4 billion people and a growing economy that is looking to compete with English speaking countries. According to the British Council, there are an estimated 300 million Chinese citizens who are in the process of learning English. Not only that, there is an estimated 100,000 foreigners who are teaching English in China today.

The Chinese market is lucrative, too. It’s common to receive free housing and airfare if you teach here. The salaries are decent and if you add in the low cost of living, it will be enough for you to save for further travel, or pay down student loans by up to $1,000 each month.


ESL teachers who enjoy the European lifestyle would find Spain to be an excellent teaching destination
Festivals & Tapas

If you prefer to enjoy the European lifestyle, then Spain is an excellent choice. Spain is a country that often surprises people for being one of the hottest markets for ESL teachers, but it’s true. Between the lucrative pay and the demand, you can make a good living here.

The best way to get a job in Spain is to be on the ground with your certification rather than applying for jobs online, like you might with China. Madrid is one of the best cities to find a job, and when it comes to hiring season, think around early September.


Thailand is home to gorgeous landscapes and a vibrant culture that expats often fall in love in
One Large Family

Thailand is home to absolutely gorgeous landscapes and a vibrant culture that is hard for foreigners to leave. Many travelers go there and end up staying to teach English simply because they can’t leave it behind.

The average salary for an ESL teacher in Thailand is about 30,000 Thai Baht, or $1,000 per month. This may seem miniscule, and it is compared to countries like China and Spain, but when you factor in the cost of living it’s quite reasonable. If you’re money minded, you can live on about $15 per day (~$520 Baht) in Thailand.


Brazil offers flexible schedule for ESL teachers teaching English in the country
The Land of the Amazon Rainforest

Brazil is becoming a larger and larger factor on the international economic stage. Often times you’ll be able to have a flexible schedule while teaching English in Brazil, especially in the city, so that you can live the lifestyle that’s comfortable for you.

If you become an independent ESL teacher instead of a teacher for a specific school, you’ll be able to set your own rates as well. This is ideal if you’re looking to save plenty of money, although Brazil may not be as lucrative as other countries.


Poland has a rising demand for ESL teachers, and good salary and benefits on offer
Vibrant Cities & The Baltic Sea

Last on our list, but certainly not the least, is the country of Poland. If you’d like to experience Eastern European life, then teaching English in Poland will certainly offer you that. Out of all of the countries in Eastern Europe, Poland seems to be performing the best economically, which has resulted in a rise in demand for ESL teacher.

The country has plenty of beautiful cities where you can soak up the architecture as well as the incredible food, while living comfortable on your salary. If you secure a job at a private academy, you can look forward to a salary of $2,000 per month, potential coverage of board, and you may even receive health care benefits.

It’s important to research each of these countries in order to understand what is the best fit for you. These are also not the only countries who are hiring ESL teachers like crazy right now, but these are some of the top countries to teach in today.

Once you begin your research, be sure to evaluate the important factors of each country before you decide. Look into the pay, as well as the cost of living, and any benefits that come with the job such as healthcare, room and board, and travel expenses. If you have any questions, ask us in the comments.

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