Downloadable EFL Lesson: Mexican Independence Day

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While course books often focus on the history of English-speaking countries, teaching in a global context means tuning into other important holidays around the world. Introducing a holiday that might not be so widely known is a great way to keep students engaged and gives the class a way to transition to talking about the holidays celebrated in the students’ home countries. Use this downloadable EFL lesson on Mexican Independence Day to add some international flare to your classroom. You can even use as the cornerstone of a whole host of Mexico-themed lessons — you can never go wrong with a class on following directions through cooking!

Type: Reading, Speaking

Level: Intermediate

Lesson Aims: Learners will develop their abilities to read for the main idea and for more detail/deeper comprehension, as well as improving their ability to speak fluently in the context of national holidays.

Approximate Timing: 40-60 minutes

The text is from Tripsavvy, a great website for learning more about culture, history, and food in other countries!

Download the lesson materials and plan here: Downloadable EFL Lesson- Mexican Independence Day

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