Downloadable EFL Lesson: Memorial Day May 30th

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Memorial Day Holiday is coming up in the USA, so here is a lesson you can download and use with your students! We’ve left this one as a Word file, so go ahead and edit and modify as you need to.

Get the English classroom learning about history with this Memorial Day EFL lesson

Topic: History of Memorial Day

Type: Reading and Vocabulary

Level: Pre-intermediate/Intermediate/Upper-intermediate

Note to the teacher: This lesson works best with multi-lingual and multi-cultural groups wanting to learn more about the American Holiday. It starts off with a quick quiz about their familiarity with Memorial day. If they don’t have any idea, they get to read about it! The lesson then moves on to students reading a brief history about Memorial day and creating a timeline of events. In the final activity, the students create a poster and share how Memorial day might be celebrated around the world.

Text adapted from the following sources:

Click on the link below to download:

05 May – Memorial Day seasonal lesson plan and materials

Teach your EFL students about the American History on this Memorial Day

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