Downloadable EFL Lesson: International Ninja Day

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Holidays are a frequent source of discussion in English classrooms, but a way to put a fun twist on the topic is by topic is by focusing on lesser-known, just-for-fun holidays! Forget Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July — What about Talk Like a Pirate Day, Siblings Day, or the always delicious Pi Day? To add a little bit of flair to the typical holiday discussion, check out this downloadable EFL lesson on International Ninja Day will teach your students new words, practice their reading skills, and give them a chance to get talking in creative collaboration. With a wise teacher and lots of focused practice, your students will have ninja-level English skills in no time!

Lesson Type: Reading, Speaking

Level: Pre-intermediate / Intermediate

Lesson Aims: Learners will develop skills for skimming for main idea and scanning for specific information as well as speaking for fluency.

Approximate Timing: 40-60 minutes

Notes to the Teacher: This lesson raises awareness of fun international days and, in particular, International Ninja Day held on December 5th. The text comes from the website National Today, which is a rich resource if you’re interested in finding other international days to learn about and celebrate in your classroom.

Download the lesson plan and materials here: International Ninja Day Downloadable Lesson

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