Downloadable EFL Lesson: Halloween!

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Halloween is a celebration with a multinational reach, though few countries do the extreme costumes that you can find in the United States! English students are often eager to learn more about holidays in other countries, and Halloween always creates a lot of curiosity and questions. This downloadable EFL lesson on Halloween will spark your learners’ imagination as they learn more about celebrations in the US and get creative with their own costume ideas!

Type: Speaking and Functional Language

Level: Intermediate

Lesson Aims: Learners will develop their speaking for fluency skills in describing costumes. They will also work on using verbal negotiating skills to discuss their opinions and come to agreements.

Approximate Timing: 40-60 minutes

Notes to the Teacher: The language points and topic in this lesson are a great jumping off point for future lessons. You could even have a task based learning lesson where students have to actually create the costume that they’ve designed! If your school or center is large enough, you could invite other students or staff to come and be judges of who created the best costume.

The video is from Kelly and Ryan, a light-hearted and fun American talk show.

Download the lesson plan and materials here: Halloween!

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