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So you’ve decided to teach English abroad, you’ve signed up for the CELTA course, and now you’re starting to think about where in the world you’ll want to go when you graduate. How will you choose the best place for you to teach after you’ve completed your CELTA?

Different countries have different modes of transportation that expats would use
Principal mode of transport

Like with most decisions in my life, I turn to the Internet! What better way to get a feel for teaching in a new country than hearing directly from someone who’s already doing it? Researching TEFL blogs is a great way to get a taste of a culture, learn about the challenges and joys of moving abroad, and get tips about a particular country. So if you’re thinking about making the move overseas, here are some of the best TEFL blogs about teaching in Asia that you should check out:

Adventures Around Asia: After studying in China during her undergraduate degree, Richelle returned to rural China teach high school. Her blog is a wealth of information about teaching English in China, the nuts and bolts of moving to China, and fun stories of her antics living abroad (including the time she got arrested for having counterfeit money). Now based in Beijing and working as a college counselor, Richelle shows that a little can-do attitude can go a long way in using your TEFL certification to travel the world.

TEFL Adventures: Aimee has taught English in three countries and considers herself a “TEFL Lifer.” For those considering teaching English in Vietnam, this blog is a must. Aimee gives pro tips on quintessential ESL in Vietnam topics, like teaching English to young learners and working with teaching assistants.

My Life! Teaching in a Korean University: Jackie taught English in Korea for a decade, making her a total wiz on everything from integrating to Korean life to pro teaching tricks. She goes from the nitty gritty about securing and excelling at English teaching jobs at South Korean universities to general tips on teaching language. Jackie keeps it real, too, not shying away from the downsides of teaching abroad. Now that she’s returned to Canada, she even has advice on how to make the transition out of expat life.

TEFL teachers get to explore countries on the other side of the globe
It’s Japan, guy…or gal…

The Japan Guy: After living and teaching English in Japan for six years, Donald has tackled every single angle of expat life with humor and eloquence. Whether it’s teaching kindergarteners or trying to learn Japanese, Donald makes the most out of every experience. While he isn’t blogging or teaching anymore, his website is still a light-hearted delve into the joys and challenges of integrating into Japan’s sophisticated and sometimes enigmatic culture.

Our Big Fat Travel Adventure: Amy and Andrew left their lives in England to travel the world, spending a year as English teachers in Vietnam. Not only do they have detailed posts about how they decided to teach English in Vietnam and what it was like, but they’ve also interviewed other English teachers to give a well-rounded picture of TEFL in Vietnam. Since Vietnam is a hotspot for first-time teachers, Amy and Andrew also have excellent advice for newbie English teachers as well as Southeast Asia travel tips for when you finally get a vacation!

Travelling opens people's minds and horizons to new cultures and experiences
Amy and Andy ponder the big fat infinite

Move to Taiwan: Nick and Tim show what’s great about teaching English in Taiwan and all the practical tips you need to get there. This duo obviously has a lot of love for Taiwan, while not wearing any rose-colored glasses. Whether you’re looking for advice on getting a motorbike, looking for tips on learning Chinese, or doing research on expat living costs in Taiwan, Nick and Tim have lived it all and are ready to share their experiences with you.

Lani is an experienced TEFL teacher who is very knowledgeable about Asian cultures and teaching in Asia
Lani did this.

Life, the Universe, and Lani: After nearly four years of teaching English in Thailand, Lani moved to Cambodia. She has sharp and witty insights into teaching and culture, providing an excellent starter guide for teaching in these two countries. Her blog is a refreshing mix of thoughts of living in Southeast Asia and reflections on teaching, including a must-read post on etiquette for teaching in Thailand.

Taylor’s Tracks: tons of tips for travel

Taylor’s Tracks: Taylor taught in short-term Thailand and has tons of suggestions for making that initial decision about whether or not to teach English abroad. And for English teachers in Asia who are excited to travel on their time off, Taylor is a rich resource on the how-to’s of Southeast Asian travel. Whether you’re venturing into Myanmar or trying to figure out the slow boat to Laos, Taylor’s got the tips to get you to your destination.

Teaching Traveling: If you’re not exactly sure where you want to teach yet, Teaching Traveling is a great place to get the inside scoop about dozens of jobs in the top countries for teaching English. It’s chock full of interviews with teachers from all over the world about how they got their job, what life is like in their new adopted country, and advice for teachers considering the leap. Get a glimpse into teaching jobs in Asia, everything from volunteering in Azerbaijan to working at an international school in Thailand.

Are there any blogs about teaching English in Asia that you’ve found particularly helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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