Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other languages (CELTA) New York

CELTA New York TESOL Course

ADDRESS: Teaching House. 226 West 26th Street 9th Floor. New York, NY 10001

New York - Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other languages (CELTA) Course Introduction

Accomplished teachers, a fabulous location and a student-centered program are just a few of the qualities that set our programs apart from most of the other programs out there. Teaching House also offers placement services, resume help and advice on employment options from school to school, country to country and rural to urban settings 

Teaching House’s New York TESOL course facility is based in the Chelsea neighborhood in the heart of Manhattan, in a contemporary and spacious building with modern facilities ideal for learning and teaching. With great views of the surrounding area, Teaching House offers a number of amenities to make your time studying for your program both convenient and comfortable. Our center offers:

  • Study and leisure areas for work and relaxation
  • A well-stocked library, 14 modern classrooms, printing services, free Wi-Fi, study rooms and vending machines
  • A computer lab, equipped with 18 Mac computers, which is a favorite hangout for students after hours as they prepare their lesson plans for the next day
  • Resources that are just steps from the center if you need a bite to eat or need to purchase last-minute supplies for a lesson
  • Restaurants, cafes and grocery stores in the neighborhood to suit any palate

Prepare to make your time at Teaching House New York not only the right choice for you and your career, but also enjoyable. Our center is the perfect location to do your New York certification, and we are confident that you will thoroughly enjoy the experience of studying here.

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other languages (CELTA) New York - Course Introduction

Making the significant, exciting decision to teach English abroad is thrilling -- albeit a little daunting. You have no idea what to expect and want to be sure you don't just survive, but that you thrive in your new profession.

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other languages (CELTA) training exists for this very reason. It’s the most prestigious, globally recognized TESOL certificate available to ESL teachers.

What the program will give you is building blocks you will use every time you teach. It will give you tools and skills for: 

  • Lesson procedures page
  • Concept check questions
  • Whole class feedback techniques
  • Methods of presenting languages
  • Organized and creative teaching

With the certification, you’re not just buying a certificate, you’re enrolling in a class that will turn you into a quality teacher. Provided you work hard, this education will pay for itself time and time again. If teaching is your passion and excellence is your aim, you can find no better program than the Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other languages (CELTA), New York course offered in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.


Ready to take the next step? Contact us with any questions at 1-800-756-2003 or info@teachinghouse.com and apply today.



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