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We at TH Madrid are proud that our teaching methods have allowed us to become a leader in training teachers and supplying worldwide to the TESL industry. We are committed to constantly providing you excellent results through a service that’s both flexible and highly personal; guaranteeing a study program that is truly beneficial to you.

On top of the wonderful facilities you'll experience at Teaching House Madrid, you'll have the entire city of Madrid at your fingertips. Both the capitol and the largest city in Spain, Madrid has a unique and wonderful history. It's history has provided it with a unique culture including beautiful art, architecture and customs that make it a popular destination for both tourists and students.

You'll be able to visit all of Madrid's museums and plazas and even take a stroll along the Paseo del Prado. You can even partake in Madrid's exquisite nightlife, after you've completed your CELTA lesson-plans, of course.

Located very near to the Alonso Martinez Metro station, our centre specialises in the teaching of languages and the training of language teachers. The modern building was recently renovated and includes a library, social area with cafeteria, cybercafé & free wifi, and 22 fully equipped classrooms.

Direct education and training form the base of our work, but they are not everything: experience shows that you progress faster and more effectively when learning is developed in the appropriate environment, aided by all types of complementary tools to support your study. As a student in any of our centres, you will have access to a large range of free services that will allow you to take the maximum advantage of time in our centre.

Reference books-dictionaries- grammar books... novels-classics - science fiction - history - biography... Text books - exercise books. Our superbly equipped libraries allow you to access all sorts of reference in order to complete your studies. Whenever you need a space to study in calm and silence, our self study area is available. Equipped with the latest in both computer hardware & software. Additionally you can consult a range of coursebooks and reference texts and borrow graded reading texts – many with CD to help you.

Sometimes your course requires group tasks. Our group work area offers you both the space and resources to complete all tasks required. Complete your tasks in the cyber cafe; access web sites to help you in your studies  and keep in touch if you’re studying away from home. These are just some of the things you can do in the comfort of our free Cybercafé. Relax while practicing your language skills in our comfortable café bar. Teaching House Madrid welcomes students from all nations to its teacher training courses as well as local students studying English.

The bars in our Alonso Martinez  & Nuevos Ministerios centres become the focal point  for international cultural exchange as well as a good place for a coffee between classes or a lunchtime snack or meal. Keep in touch with world events or just watch to practice your language skills with our free satellite TV. Accessing International and local channels such as BBC, CNN, Tele-Madrid. Know what is happening today in the world of commerce, politics and human interest with our selection of national & international newspapers and magazines.

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COURSE FEES: The Madrid CELTA courses (full-time, part-time) cost a total of €1,580

The Madrid CELTA online Blended cost a total of €1,610

2014 CELTA course pricing: : 1575 €

What are the accomodation options?

Our accommodation team is always available to offer advice and assistance to help you make the best choice. All accommodation is located a short distance from the school, and rigorously selected and inspected by our specialised personnel.

Most are only a 10-15 minutes walk from the school and never more than 20-25 minutes by public transportation. Below you can find the prices for our homestay options. If you're interested in subletting a flat we recommend perusing

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