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CELTA Course Recommended Books

There isn't a specific textbook required for the CELTA teacher training course since Teaching House trainers draw from a wide range of materials and resources during the course. The goal is that, by the end, you will have collected a tailor-made manual of ideas, techniques, activities and methodologies to use in your future teaching pursuits.

Teaching House does, however, recommend two books that we believe will be beneficial in your teaching career and as a complement to the CELTA course. These are books that the staff at Teaching House have used and found to be extremely useful in our own teaching careers. You are not required to buy these books, and if you already have a grammar book and/or methodology book in your possession, it will probably not be necessary to buy another.

We recommend that you get one methodology book and one grammar book for the CELTA course:


Jim Scrivener
ISBN: 0230729843
Macmillan Education

This book covers a range of essential theory and methodology. It includes practical teaching ideas, example lessons and samples from current teaching materials.
Learning Teaching by Jim Scrivener

Note: If it is out of stock, or you prefer to buy it in person, please contact our office at info@teachinghouse.com


Michael Swan
ISBN: 019442099X
Oxford University Press, USA

Considered by many ESL teachers to be 'the bible' of ESL grammar books. There are larger grammar books on the market, but for teachers in their first few years of teaching, this really is a good solid book to help you comprehend those tricky language issues.

Practical English Usage by Michael Swan

Note: If it is out of stock online, please contact our office at info@teachinghouse.com