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The assessment on the CELTA course is continuous (throughout the course) and integrated (all components count towards the final grade). The CELTA qualification does not require a final examination. Assessment is based on evaluation of the candidate according to Cambridge criteria in the following two areas:


For each lesson that you teach you will create a Lesson Plan, which includes a breakdown of the lesson, showing how you will manage your materials and handouts to achieve the lesson’s aim or focus. You will also prepare analysis sheets on grammar, language, and vocabulary, which help you prepare and guide you throughout the lesson. They will also help you anticipate students' questions and problems. Working with the lesson plans and language analysis sheets will give you thorough training and a good understanding of preparing for future classes.

You will maintain a portfolio of your work during the course. This portfolio will contain your lesson materials, including handouts, lesson plans and the individual written feedback your tutor gives you.


During the CELTA course, you’ll complete four written assignments. The assignments are about 1,000 words each and are spread out over the length of the course. They are very practical in nature and focus on a variety of aspects, including a trainee's strengths and weaknesses, the students they teach, and their ability to teach language systems (grammar and vocabulary) and language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

Individual tutorials are held with trainees to monitor and discuss progress. You’ll be informed regularly of your progress through feedback on your teaching practice and written assignments.


Each CELTA course is externally moderated by an assessor from Cambridge University. The assessor visits the center during the second half of the course and looks at trainees’ portfolios and assignments and observes their teaching practice. Trainees are invited to meet the assessor if they'd like to discuss any matters.

The clear CELTA qualification standards set by Cambridge University and the external moderation of each course are two of the many reasons why the Cambridge University CELTA Course is considered the best TESOL qualification in the world.