Cambridge Certificate


You signed up and were accepted on to the Cambridge University CELTA course. The course was tough but hugely rewarding. You loved the experience of the intimate group size. You loved the dynamics in the TESOL sessions and how much you learned about the tricks and skills of being an English teacher. You loved the students you taught and got to know and helped with their English, learning new words, improving their reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, and working with them on their grammar issues.

In all, it was the best educational experience you’ve ever had and though hard, it was a wonderful life experience. You’ve passed and you feel great.

Your Cambridge Certificate arrives in the mail, providing official proof of course completion and seeing your name there alongside the ‘University of Cambridge,’ you can see a world of opportunities ahead of you and feel nothing but pride for what you’ve achieved.

Now, every time you complete a job application or have an interview for a TESOL job, you’ll know that taking the Cambridge University CELTA was the best decision you made.

Get used to hearing, ‘Congratulations, the job is yours!’




The University of Cambridge Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the CELTA course. It is similar to those awarded by Cambridge for undergraduate degrees and includes the candidate's full name, level of award, program of study and the date of the award. It is an official document and has the official university watermark and seal of authenticity so it cannot be duplicated.


If you're ready to take on the next challenge in your life, apply for the Cambridge CELTA course today.