Top 4 tips for travelling in 2020

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2020 has been the cause of many confusing changes, not least of all being travel. The rules surrounding travel differ from country to country, state to state, so it can start to feel confusing if you’re planning a trip or dreaming of escaping your 9-5. We’ve compiled a list of our top four tips for travelling in 2020 so that you can be prepared to travel safely and efficiently!

Know the safety basics for travelling by airplane

Did you know that the air quality in airplanes is actually really good? In fact, it’s cleaner than a lot of hotels and apartment buildings because the HEPA ventilation systems filter out most of the nasties in the air. That being said, you’ll still need to take some precautions.

Most airlines require passengers to wear a mask for the duration of the flight; ensure you have a mask that’s comfortable, won’t irritate your skin, and allows you to breathe easily—especially if you have a long flight ahead. Pack some disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser in your carry-on; wipe down your seat, tray table, and entertainment set when you board to kill any germs that are lingering and keep your hands germ-free throughout the flight.

Airlines are doing a great job of sanitising their planes and are sticking to strict safety and hygiene methods to make sure you’re at your safest—but if you’re still uneasy, you can always pack your own snacks and entertainment for peace of mind.

Research travel guidelines

This is super important! Make sure you read up on the travel guidelines not only where you live, but also in your travel destination. Most destinations will require you to show proof of a negative COVID test, so ensure you have proper documentation and leave enough time between your test and your trip to get your results back. Some locations may require you to quarantine for a certain amount of time immediately after you arrive. Official guidelines can be found on Government websites. Consequences could be severe if you breach any rules, so always double-check anything you’re not sure about!

Pack a COVID travel kit

This year, there are a few extra things you’ll need to add to your packing list. Hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes or spray (or both!), extra masks, and tissues are all necessities if you’re travelling. Even though airlines, hotels, and restaurants are doing their best to make sure everything is sanitised, you might want to wipe things down before you use them just in case and for your own peace of mind. Sneaky hack – take some zip lock bags with you and place any remotes inside to ensure you have germ-free channel-hopping at any hotels.

Book wisely

Since rules and restrictions are changing constantly at the moment, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re booking your flights wisely. There are a few age-old tips and tricks for finding cheap flights, but flight booking software has actually come a long way in the past few years, so some of the flight-booking adages you swear by may not still ring true. For example—that tip about Tuesday being the cheapest day to fly? That’s not necessarily true anymore! It’s best to keep an eye on flights over a couple of weeks to get a feel for price patterns. Use a comprehensive engine like Google Flights so you can compare prices from all over the Internet. If possible, try to book flights that are transferable or refundable, even if they refund you in points or miles. This way you’re safe if travel restrictions change at the last minute and you have to alter your travel plans.

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