TEFL Brooklyn - CELTA Accommodation Options

We are continuously working with local accommodation providers to give you the best possible options for your course. If what you see here doesn't exactly suit your needs, then please give us a call or email us at info@teachinghouse.com and we'll help you find the best option for your budget.

Greenpoint Lodge

Greenpoint Lodge

Located in a three-story house in a clean, quiet and safe area in Greenpoint, the Greenpoint Lodge offers private rooms at reasonable prices.

Each apartment comes equipped with its own bathroom and kitchen. Kitchen supplies such as pots, pans and dishes are included. Amenities such as sheets and towels, cable television, free Wi-Fi and laundry are also provided.

From the Greenpoint lodge, subway service to Teaching House Brooklyn is available via the G line, your door to door trip will take approximately 20 minutes.

Approximately $1850.00 for 4 weeks

Greenpoint YMCA

Greenpoint YMCA

The Greenpoint YMCA is located approximately 20 minutes from Teaching House Brooklyn via the G line. At the YMCA you’ll be close to everything you’ll need during your time studying for the CELTA.

You’ll have access to rooms with televisions, alarm clocks and clean sheets and linens. The YMCA also provides housekeeping service and has 24-hour security. Other amenities include an indoor swimming pool, saunas and a fitness center.

Approximately $1800 for 4 weeks

B Hotel & Hostel

B Hotel & Hostel

The B Hotel & Hostel is located in the heart of Williamsburg, one of Brooklyn’s most popular neighborhoods.

Not only will you be a brief 20-minute ride from Teaching House, you’ll also have direct access to Manhattan for those times you’ve finished your homework and are in the mood to explore!

Amenities include clean, safe and spacious dorm-style rooms, a large guest kitchen and a TV lounge. The most popular option is the Deluxe Single Private room with a Shared Bathroom.

Approximately $1600 for 4 weeks


Consider subletting an apartment. We recommend perusing www.airbnb.com and www.Craigslist.org as both have many options for sublets and long-term rentals.