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TH Barcelona is a 5 minutes walk from the Plaza Catalunya, often considered the very center of Barcelona.

The language school occupies 6 floors of a large corner building, which has a distinctive, triangular shape (somewhat similar to the famous 'flat-iron' building in New York). The various teacher training departments of TH Barcelona are all located within this building. The building dates back to the very early 20th century and has many attractive features: a very decorative street entrance, lots of natural light, high ceilings, and a marble staircase.

The main reception area is located on the ground floor (floor B), just inside the street entrance. The school's facilities include:

  • 40 air-conditioned classrooms, all with natural light
  • Computers and interactive whiteboards in nearly all the classrooms used by the Teacher Training Department
  • An Internet Room with computer facilities which are free for students, including free access to online Spanish courses
  • Adjacent to the bar area, a free Wi-Fi internet connection (not available to phones or other handheld devices)
  • A well-stocked library and study centre (picture, above), with an excellent set of resources for trainees on Teacher Training courses
  • A bar which is open all day providing hot and cold food and drinks
  • A rooftop terrace where students can relax in the sunshine
  • Bathroom facilities for disabled students

TH Barcelona has six full floors dedicated to the school so that students are provided with the greatest possible environment for learning.

The six floors include:
• A Floor Library and classrooms
• B Floor General Reception and classrooms
• C Floor Courses Abroad, ELT Teacher Training, Spanish Department, Admin Offices and classrooms
• D Floor English Department, bar, terrace and classrooms
• E Floor Computer Room and classrooms
• F Floor In-Company Training, Spanish Teacher Training and classrooms

The computer facilities for trainees can be found in the Internet Room. The facilities include 15 PCs, all equipped with Windows XP, with Microsoft Office, and a good Internet connection. There is also a laser printer and a scanner. All of the above is included as part of your course (though there is a small fee charged for printing things which are for personal rather than for course use). The Internet Room is staffed by Tom, Sergio and Natxo. If you need any help with anything at any time, please ask them. For the duration of your course, wireless access is available to you free of charge provided you have a suitably equipped laptop. We regret that access is not possible on a hand-held device (iPhone, etc.)

Barcelona Sample Course Schedule & Fees

COURSE FEES: The IH Barcelona CELTA courses (full-time and part-time) cost a total of €1,500

Teaching House does not charge people to apply to the course, and applicants are not in any way committed to taking the course. THERE IS NO APPLICATION FEE.

Because places are limited on the Teaching House CELTA (the maximum ratio of trainees to teacher trainers is 6:1), it is advisable to apply for a place early.

What are the accomodation options?

Accommodation is one of the many things to consider when deciding to take a course. Barcelona, like any other large European city, has a huge variety of places to stay, with a wide range of prices!

If you would like the Teacher Training Department to help you find accommodation, we are able to assist. We have access to apartments, where you would share facilities (i.e. bathroom, kitchen) with other tenants. These tenants are often ex-trainees and English teachers.

The room rent is €400 per month, inclusive of all costs except telephone, and our fee for this service is €75.

You will be sent an accommodation request form with details when you have been accepted for the course.

You may also be able to find accommodation using your own contacts or the Internet. The cost of a room in Barcelona starts at about €350 a month (and the sky’s the limit!), with virtually everyone in Barcelona - as in most Spanish cities - living in a flat or apartment.

We highly recommend using and to search for apartments and sublets during your course.

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