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Language Levels Explained

There are a range of English language descriptors and exam scores that attempt to effectively describe the level of English proficiency of a student. It's a complex business, and individuals may have significant imbalances between skills etc. which further complicates an "overall score".

Mapping the levels and exams is an imperfect science since the objectives and measurement instruments also widely vary.

Here's our handy "rule of thumb" guide to help you when describing English language levels. If you are a non-native speaker interested in doing a course at Teaching House we will evaluate your English level as part of the application process. Please see information on each course for our language proficiency requirements.

Commonly Known As CEFR IELTS TOEFL iBT PTE Academic
Proficiency C2 7.5-9.0 103-120 79-86
Advanced C1 6.5-7.5 80-102 58-79
Upper-intermediate B2 5.5-6.5 46-79 42-58
Intermediate B1 4.0-5.5 32-45 30-42
Pre-intermediate A2 3.5-4.0 0-31
Elementary A1 2.0-3.0


If you are interested in studying English with us, you can check your level here with our free online placement test