CELTA Costa Rica

Where is Costa Rica? This extraordinary country lies majestically between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, in Central America. Its coasts are full of incredibly beautiful beaches, peninsulas, bays, and gulfs that make it a special travel destination.

This popular tourist destination remains one of the safest in Central America. It’s easy to get there to do your CELTA and the weather is excellent. After your course, there are hundreds of things to do in Costa Rica, particularly in the outdoors.

In Costa Rica, you can enjoy the ecotourism: its rainforests, volcanoes, rivers and waterfalls; the sightseeing in Costa Rica is just breathtaking! There is an abundance of natural resources to explore, which are all protected by a consolidated National System of Protected Areas, including biological reserves, national parks, forest reserves, and wildlife refuges.

Costa Rica’s CELTA’s training Center is located in the city of San José, right in the center of Costa Rica.