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Do you want a job that’s fun and rewarding with unlimited opportunities for travel, learning about different languages and cultures and working with people from all over the world? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

At Teaching House, we offer a number of TESOL training programs to give you the head start you need to become an English teacher. One of the most highly-regarded courses we offer is the CELTA training program, which is accredited by Cambridge University and provides students with a gold standard education.

Understanding the CELTA Course

Whether you are looking to teach abroad, in the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe or Australia, the CELTA course is the most widely known and highly respected training program for anyone who wants to teach English.
Here are some key facts about the CELTA training program:
The CELTA program is administered by Cambridge University, one of the most prestigious university in the world
CELTA stands for ‘Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages’
CELTA is the original TESOL/TEFL certificate course and has been running for six decades.
It is the most internationally recognised TESOL training program in the world.
It is the most highly regarded certification by employers in the U.S. and abroad, and will help you land a teaching job in almost any location worldwide.

Why Celta?

You’re going to embark on a journey into a new career and whether you go on to teach for 9 months or 9 years, you’ll enjoy the experience so much more if you know what you’re doing.

This is exactly what the CELTA will do for you; it will give you the confidence, experience and know-how to teach good, effective lessons, which means both you and your students will enjoy them.
CELTA course stands out head and shoulders above other TESOL courses:
- The CELTA is strictly regulated by Cambridge University, who ensures the course tutors, the curriculum and the center adhere to its high quality standards. You can trust the quality of any Cambridge University CELTA course.

- CELTA teacher trainers are the best in the field of TESOL: they have years of teaching experience and have trained extensively to become a CELTA teacher trainer. Cambridge University prides itself on the quality of their approved trainers.

On the CELTA course, no trainer is responsible for more than 6 trainees at any time. Therefore you always receive the individual attention and detailed feedback you need to learn and progress quickly as a teacher. Due to the value given to Cambridge University within the TESOL industry, and the role CELTA has had in training teachers for over four decades, no other course is as highly respected as the CELTA program nor will open as many teaching opportunities.
As you research online and learn about the exciting opportunities that await you, you’re probably feeling a little nervous. You’re ready to go out in the world and teach, but you’re not quite sure what to expect. Maybe you’re questioning if you have what it takes to do your job well.

Let us put your mind at ease. Here is what the CELTA course will do for you:  

Provide you with the ability to take on teaching challenges with confidence Train you with the skills and knowledge of TESOL fundamentals Give you the hands-on experience of working with real language learners so you leave the course with teaching experience not just TESOL theory. Help you find the best employment opportunities with competitive pay and benefits

When you finish your CELTA course, you won’t just have a prestigious certificate to show for it (though you most definitely will have a prestigious certificate). You’ll have the confidence and the experience to handle any classroom situation and you’ll have the tools to continue developing your skills. Whether you go on to teach business professionals, undergrads, adults or children, you will earn the respect of your students through your abilities as a teacher.

And the most rewarding part of the CELTA course is knowing that all the hard work you put into the most respected and rigorous TESOL course in the world has resulted in smiling students who are motivated and inspired to work hard in your lessons, in positive feedback from your school director and having the confidence to walk into any classroom in any country and teach a great lesson.

Practical Classroom Experience

There are some things in life that cannot be learned from just reading a book or studying online. For example, imagine turning up for your driving test having never been behind the wheel of a car. Good teaching is no different and can only be developed through hands-on experience in the classroom. Which is why the main component of the CELTA course is controlled, in-classroom teaching practice working with real language learners.

If you’re in any doubt about how important this experience is, consider these two scenarios.
Which Situation would you prefer to be in?
Scenario 1:
You listed ‘college writing tutor’ and ‘online TESOL course’ on your resume and after a lot of searching you’ve finally got an English teaching job in the rough end of town. You’ve got a class of 20 students with a range of language learning needs and you’re not sure what from your experience as a writing tutor or the online activities you did for your TESOL course has helped prepare you for this lesson.

With sweaty palms you flip through the coursebook, trying to find an easy vocabulary lesson to teach because you have no idea how to teach grammar.

As your students take their seats, they open their notebooks and look up at you expectantly. They’ve paid good money for this course and they’re hoping you’re worth it.

You look at your watch and hope the next 45 minutes passes as painlessly as possible. But at this point, your English teaching career is off to a grim start.
Scenario 2:
It’s your first day with a new class of English students. You think back to your weeks of intense training on your CELTA course and the feedback and encouragement you got from your CELTA trainer.

You’ve prepared an interesting lesson to get your students working in groups, chatting with each other and covering some new vocabulary items, leading to the introduction of a new grammar point. Yes, this is your first day with a new class, but your confident posture, the handouts organized on your desk and the way you calmly and comfortably chat with the students as they walk into your class shows someone who is at ease in the classroom and knows what they’re doing.

As you chat with your students about their weekend before class starts, you can tell you’re going to have a lot of fun with this group, and the feeling is mutual.
Each lesson you teach will follow these steps:
You work one-on-one with your teacher trainer to design your lesson and select activities to do with your class
While you teach, your trainer is present throughout the lesson to support you and to write a report on your lesson
After the lesson, you, your trainer and your small group of fellow trainees (maximum group size of six) discuss that day’s lessons and evaluate them – what worked, what didn’t and what steps you can take to improve
After this wraps up, you get a detailed written report on your lesson to take away and read through
You are now ready to prepare your next lesson with your CELTA trainer, building on your previous lesson and incorporating everything new that you’ve learned.
Career (CELTA training & beyond)
At Teaching House, not only will students receive an exceptional Cambridge University qualification through their CELTA training, but all graduates will have access to individualized support as they prepare to find a job. We believe that designing a high-quality educational CELTA course is just as important as providing ongoing assistance after our graduates have completed training. Not only will students form a lifelong community with fellow CELTA course graduates, but our TEFL Job Centre is an incredible resource in providing guidance through the employment searching phase.
Thorough our TEFL job Centre, graduates can access:
Job Data Base
Example Resumes
Interview Tips
Correspondence Tips
Example Cover Letters
Recruiter Details
Region Guides
Our aim is to successfully guide students through the CELTA Course and help graduates find the perfect job. As one of the largest providers of Cambridge CELTA courses in the world, we have proudly trained over 3,000 new teachers who have gone on to secure incredible jobs in some of the most interesting regions across the globe.
Further your career with Teaching House today
Further your career with Teaching House today Armed with your CELTA certificate and a passion for adventure, you have a lifetime of adventure ahead of you. We invite you to learn more by reading in detail about the CELTA course and the real classroom experience by exploring our FAQs section below.
If you’ve been searching ‘CELTA course near me’, we have a number of locations around the world — feel free to check out our centres and find the region that works best for you. You can begin your journey by applying online today and get started with all of the details you need to commence your CELTA training. If you’re wondering which area of teaching might work best for your career ambitions, we also offer a number of other courses, including a TEFL certificate course and a CELTA online course. For further assistance on which course is right for you, feel free to get in contact with one of our experienced Teaching House consultants, who will be able to point you in the right direction.Content copied
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Enrolment Process

All teacher training courses:
All Teaching House Courses start with an online application, then we will send you detailed information regarding the following steps, which usually include an interview with a Teaching House teacher trainer. For more details about the requirements for your course, contact us.
CELTA Course Enrolment:
The Teaching House Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other languages (CELTA) enrolment process is designed with three aims in mind:
- To provide the applicant with a clear idea of what the course is, what to expect to get from it and what is required to succeed.
- To ensure that once an applicant has been accepted, they have a very high chance of successfully completing the course.
- To ensure those who are accepted have a high probability of qualifying for and attaining ESL teaching work in the country or city of their choice.
You work one-on-one with your teacher trainer to design your lesson and select activities to do with your class
After reviewing your application, a member of our enrollment team will follow up by email and send you an assignment called the Pre-Interview Task. This task is a series of language and teaching activities designed to give trainees an idea of what the course (and teaching English!) is all about.
Once we have received your Pre-Interview Task, we will schedule a time for an interview that is convenient for you. Most interviews are conducted via telephone or Zoom but in-person interviews are available at our New York, Boston, London, Melbourne and Toronto locations.
The interview is a chance for you to speak to an experienced course trainer. The trainer will discuss your work from the Pre-Interview Task to gain a better understanding of your potential for English Language Teaching. The interview also provides an opportunity to speak with an enrollment advisor about the enrollment process and payment options.
After acceptance, you must pay an enrollment deposit to confirm your place on the course of your choice (subject to availability—given on a first-come, first-served basis). The amount of enrollment deposit depends on your course location.
The remainder of your course fee (less the enrollment deposit) is due no later than five weeks before the beginning of the course.

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