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Teaching House Nomads Blog | August 19, 2017

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Downloadable EFL Lesson: National Popcorn Lover’s Day

Downloadable EFL Lesson: National Popcorn Lover’s Day
Teaching House Team of Trainers

Yes. It’s true. There’s a day for you, you popcorn lover you. Why not share your passion with your students, and perhaps even make some popcorn together? Check out this lesson from one of our New York CELTA trainers, popcorn enthusiast, Robert Palisin.

Level Intermediate +
Lesson Aims Learners will develop reading skills, learn/review vocabulary related to eating snacks, as well as practice their speaking skills
Approximate Timing 45-50 mins
Notes to the teacher               This lesson provides a short history of popcorn at the movies. It can be expanded to bring in other topics connected to the theme, such as snack foods, health, and potentially entertainment. Popcorn is a universal snack food that students should have experience with, and most likely have indulged in. The speaking task allows for the use of imagination and can be expanded to actual demonstrations of the games they create to finish the lesson in a fun and creative way.
Text Link Short History of Popcorn
Download the full lesson Popcorn Lover’s Day Lesson Plan

Teaching House Team of Trainers

Teaching House's Seasonal Lesson Plans are written by our very own CELTA Trainers, expert English teachers and teacher trainers in the field of TEFL / TESOL who have extensive experience teaching all levels of monolingual and multilingual classes all over the world.

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